Don't be shy and watch Primary's new music video

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Ieek, it's like watching the Craft. Doing spiritual stuff with the Ouija board, creepy dolls floating, ghost under a white sheet (oh no, is it Primary turned into a ghost?) and pokemoncards (?). Yup, these are the ingredients of the new music video of Primary ft. Choa of AOA & Iron with the song Don't Be Shy (아끼지마).

Totally looove the music of Korean artist Primary. Now he worked together with two artists to create this new magical song. It's a bit different than I'm used to hear from Primary because of the reggae beats. But with the combination of the singer, it doesn't give it a too tropical taste. Ah well, maybe it's because of the video. Yet, this is another song that I really love. The song isn't about creepy stuff or horror. But about daring. Dare to take steps to uhm.... do lovely stuff with someone you like.

And the music video isn't really scary too. So please watch it. The only thing I don't like is....*spoiler alert* A cute pink bunny will be burnt at the end of the video. Noooooo whhyyyyy!!! Anyway, I still love the song.

Check it out, here at Jumi!

Special cafe only for stuffed animals

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Good news for little Jumi's, teddybears and other little friends. Tomorrow the very first cafe will open exclusively for them: the Yawarakan’s Cafe in Japan. And with exclusively I mean that humans aren't allowed to enter, this is a cafe only for your stuffed animal!

'Hueh?' is what I thought. Also when I read that the cafe is also runned by.... stuffed animals. Hueh? Hueh? Yes, I'm serious! I'm not joking!

So you can't go to the cafe, but your little friend can't go by him/herself to the cafe either. So howww.... OK, this is how it works. It starts with making a reservation for your little friend. Then send your little friend (by mail) to the cafe. Your little friend will be welcomed at the cafe. And then your little friend will have the best time of his/her life (hopefully he/she won't miss you that much)!

The evening will look like this:
1. the guest will get a jummy welcome drink, dinner and a delicious dessert;
2. after the guest has enjoyed the meal, some entertainment will be offered. Your little friend can listen to ghost tales or play cards with the staff;
3. sleepytime! Probably your little friend will be exhausted after having an evening like this. So the cafe offers the guest one night's lodging.

The next day your little friend will be send back to you, with souvenirs! The package costs ¥4,968 (that's about €26). Hmmm, is it really worth it to send your little friend to Yawarakan’s Cafe?

It's a nice idea to show your love for your little friend this way. Definitely something for little Jumi. But then I read that one strict rule is that 'stuffed animals must be no larger than the size of your hand' to enter the cafe. Nooooo whyyyy. OK, sorry little Jumi....

Source: en.rocketnews24

Oui oui en France Jumi will be

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No skyscrapers, busy traffic and hardcore faire du shopping in Seoul. Nope, this time little Jumi will take a little rest in the south of France. So the upcoming two weeks we won't post crazy Jumi news. Sowwie TT, but you can still follow us on Instagram and Twitter! See how little Jumi explores a totally different world than what she's normally used to. Of course, of course we'll be back with more crazy Jumi on Tour news!

For now, I'm preparing my journey, listening to Hey - je t`aime(쥬뗌므). Au revoir!

Disney princes become Magic Mike

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Sooo, have you already seen the new Magic Mike movie? No? OK, to get you in the mood, check out these guys of Disney. Yup, or shall I say OMG... Magic Eric, Magic Alladin, Magic Beast... uh The Beast of Belle? Yup, even this creature was inspired by Mike. Disney princes dressed themselves up (or well, took of all their clothes) and treated their princesses with a Magical moment.

These drawings are from artist Artist Isaiah Stephens. Isaiah sure was in a Magic Mike mood. Hah, I can't wait to see more of this artist. Sooo, which Magic Disney prince is your favorite?

Source: incrediblethings

Hamsters having 4th of July BBQ party

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Some people and animals couldn't wait to celebrate the Fourth of July. I've spotted a video of a hamster who's already having a bbq party with his friends.

Yup, this hamster loooves to eat, just like other hamsters (remember the hotdog contest with human?). Now he invited his friends to eat and celebrate. The chef prepared a special meal and decorated everthing with the American flag. And the guests, they've dressed themselves in style, with prints of the American flag too.

Hmmm, I wonder if this bbq is the entrée and they will continue their meal tomorrow.... Anyway, check out the video and pre-celebrate the Fourth of July today too.

Source: trendhunter