Bye bye foodheaven Seoul

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.... and now I'm stuck with boring coffeeshops (or other type of coffeeshops, hmpf) and one dessert restaurant. A real cultureshock after coming home from foodheaven on earth: Seoul!

Even though we weren't feeling very well during our foodjourney, we ate as much as we could. Yes, even with a high fever, how could you resist this!

This is good stuff, traditional dinner!
Gwangjang foodmarket. Jummy pighead! (...ok, I didn't try it)
Of course we had to try some sushi here
Coffeeshops, omg, I'm gonna miss that. Some caf├ęs are sooo cute and some offer just the most jummy desserts.

Why not having honeybread for dinner (Gurunaru cafe)
Gonna miss this big macaron with ice cream filling
Don't think I've eaten this sheep! This is themecafe Thanks Nature Cafe
Outside there were nice things to eat too.

Fresh poop of this man. Man what have you eaten, your poop tastes delicious
Huh? Seungri (of BigBang) selling cake??
Nooo, ulggg, now there's drool on my laptop...  have to clean it :( If you want to see what else we've eaten (and done), you should check out our instagram. Seoul, Seoul, gonna miss your fooood!

Jumi in Seoul!

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It's about time, finally Jumi goes on tour abroad: Seoul! The upcoming two weeks, we won't post crazy Jumi news. Sowwie TT. But you can still follow us on Instagram if you want to see what we're doing and eating in Seoul and Twitter. And we promise you, we will come back with crazy Jumi on Tour news!

Lee Byung Hun in new Rush Hour?

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OK, I must admit, I'm not a big fan of Jackie Chan's Rush Hour movies (even though I've seen all three of it). But when the newest Rush Hour will be released, I might turn into a little Rush Hour fan. Why? Lee Byung Hun is in the movie!

Say what? Yup, you've read it right. This time no Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. But Korean actor Lee Byung hun!!! and p.diddy...

I'm not really really sure if it really is true. There are rumors spreading out on the internet. And recently a billboard ad of the movie has been spotted in California. Hmmm, so is it true? Rush Hour with Lee Byung Hun? We'll see. For now, I just have to wait for his presence in another Hollywood movie, Terminator Genisys. Woehoeeewwww!

Source: koreaherald

Happy Kingsday!

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Free sneakers by winning Subway Pump Battle?

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Some sneakerbrands have interesting ways to promote their newest products. Some even give away a pair of newest sneakers for free. For example Reebok with the ZPump Fushion sneakers.

For free? Say what? Uhmm... well, of course you have to do something. Win the Subway Pump Battle of Reebok! A weird machine has been installed in a subway in South Korea. This machine targets two people randomely who are just sitting down at the station. Then all of a sudden the two targeted people have to compete with each other, by playing a game. The game involves hitting the buttons that lit up as fast as possible. The winner is rewarded with the pair of ZPump Fushion sneakers.

Funny game right? But the game also has a little purpose. 74% of Korean office workers admit to lack of exercise. So this game is a way of Reebok to inspire them to move more. Unfortunately, we don't have this machine in our little country. Hm, I would defintely work out with this machine by sitting at the station all day and night long... gimme those sneakers, Reebok!

Source: trendhunter