Dive as Hello Kitty, wear Hello Kitty Dry Suit

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Imagine this: you're diving somewhere, but then you see a clear red bow, a white face and black eyes... Hueh? Hello Kitty diving? Fear not. You might have encountered just someone wearing a Hello Kitty diving suit. Say what?

Yup, this diving suit is definitely for Hello Kitty diva divers. The suit is just like any other normal diving suits. It includes a diving hood and ankle weight. There are only 50 suits available, so you can already guess, that the suit isn't really cheap.... €4577! What the... (Honestly, I don't like it. It looks more like a motor suit. And the diving hood looks a bit creepy too me. Hello Kitty's head is enlarged and it's like she's eaten your face, because her mouth is where your face will be....). Hello Kitty diva divers, would you order this suit?

Source: trendhunter

An ode to nailpolish by Primary: Hello

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Ladies, finally the perfect song for us! A song about getting our nails done! Say what? Korean artist Primary (프라이머리) did it again and made a new refreshing happy song: Hello (ft Lena Park).

Don't you ever feel refreshed and/or felt good and happy after you've polished your nails? Beautiful pinky color, bright blue, jummy yellow or whatever color that makes you smile? This music video is all about painting your nails and the happy feeling you'll get afterwards. The video is cute! Besides seeing colored nails, you'll see happy dancing fingers.

Hmm, enough said. I have to paint my nails now. Enjoy the music video and your weekend!

Restaurant serves food that tastes like crap

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We all have experienced an unhappy moment going to a restaurant that served you food that tasted like crap. Sometimes there are discussions with friends about which restaurant serves the crappiest food. Hmm, I think you'll definitely win the discussion after you visited Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo. Why? They serve crap-flavored curry!

Curry Shop Shimizu is founded by Ken Shimizu. Rrrrigh, I think you might think 'why the hell a crappy restaurant???!'. Well, he wanted to create the world's first something. So after good thinking, he came up with curry that tastes like crap, which isn't being sold anywhere else in the world.

It took him several years to create the perfect curry crap recipe. No real crap has been used btw. Nope, the curry is a combination of the extreme bitterness of its two main ingredients goya (bitter gourd) and senburi (swertia japonica) tea.

Sounds jummy, right? Uhmm, no. So why the hell would anyone visit this restaurant? Uhmm, maybe to win the discussion with friends about the crappiest restaurant ever?

Source: en.rocketnews24

It's a dog? It's a bird? It's a dird!

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OMG, did you hear the news? Strange things happen on planet earth. Last year a 'photographer' has spotted owlcats. And now strangelooking dirds are walking around! Say what?

Yup, birds with a doggy faces and dogs with the head of a bird. Some look cuuute, some look creepy. I wonder if the flying dogs would make beautiful bird sounds or bark... Anyway, would you pet this dog.. uh bird... uhh birddog, dogbird, dird?

EE's Gungdungsong... what the ee

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Uhh, what the EE? Nope, I'm not trippin'. Not in a bad trip. Maybe a bit scared when I watched this colorful music video of EE. So maybe a little bad trip while I was sober..

What the EE.... So first you get hypnotized by all the moving colors. So you think 'what the ee'. Then a creepy woman with a creepy face pops up... What the ee. And you hear a clownish melody. Ee. Clowns creeepyyy!!

So this mv is not really my cup of tea. But if you're ready to get in the mood to get all ee and trippy, you should check it out, here at Jumi!