Hamsters having 4th of July BBQ party

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Some people and animals couldn't wait to celebrate the Fourth of July. I've spotted a video of a hamster who's already having a bbq party with his friends.

Yup, this hamster loooves to eat, just like other hamsters (remember the hotdog contest with human?). Now he invited his friends to eat and celebrate. The chef prepared a special meal and decorated everthing with the American flag. And the guests, they've dressed themselves in style, with prints of the American flag too.

Hmmm, I wonder if this bbq is the entrée and they will continue their meal tomorrow.... Anyway, check out the video and pre-celebrate the Fourth of July today too.

Source: trendhunter

Give birth at Hello Kitty maternity clinic

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Wouldn't it be nice if Hello Kitty will stand by and cheer you up during one of the heaviest but beautiful moments in our, womens, lives? For example during the moment when we have to give birth to a little booboo? Well, now it's possible at the Hello Kitty maternity clinic in Taiwan!

Kitty here, Kitty there, Kitty everywhere at this clinic. Blankets, wall deco, statues... Close your eyes and you see Hello Kitty, open your eyes and you see Hello Kitty again. Definitely something for all Hello Kitty divas. Just save some money for a ticket to Taiwan. Hmm, what if you have to give birth to a booboo-boy, would you still go to this clinic?

Source: en.rocketnews24

Ieekk, Disney princesses turn yellow

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OK, we have to wait a little bit more than a week. And then we will get an invasion of little yellow..... Minions!

I've already see them everywhere in stores. Yes, these little yellow fellows try to adapt to our society by showing their faces everywhere! And now the Minions have shown their faces at Disney. Recently they dressed theirselves up as Disney princesses!

These Disney princesses are created by Jen Lewis of BuzzFeed. Each of the Disney Princess Minions created are accompanied by the apologetic phrase, 'I'm so sorry.' Don't feel sorry, the outfits look minionishly good! I totally like the royal diva look of Cinderella Minion. Which Minion is your favorite?

Source: trendhunter

New Fifty Shades? The Fifty stretch marks of Anna

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New Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Uhmm.... sort of. This time the introduction of The Fifty stretch marks of Anna. Say what? Ok, ok it's a... commercial.

How would you create a commercial of a product, that isn't really popular. I mean, products that's good for our skin, but we don't really talk openly about it. For example stretch mark cream.

Well, the people behind the new Gly Derm commercial really succeeded in creating a commercial "that made stretch mark cream look sexy in a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey!" The cream is “clinically proven to help improve the color and reduce the size of stretch marks”.

Rrrightt, I don´t care if it's really good or not, but if Mr Grey would give me a tube of Gly Derm...

Source: rocketnews24

Omg, Miffy Zombie a new horror movie?

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Ok, we've seen Hell Kitty and the Carebear from hell. So it was a matter of time to see our cute Dutch bunny Miffy totally flipping out in a bad way, a really really bad way. And it was all documented in the new trailer of Miffy Zombie by Gun N Cult.

So, I wonder if you would still think Miffy is cute. Imagine this: a army of hundred mean Miffies running after you, thirsty and hungry for blood... your blood. They already killed 6000 people. Aaaahhhh! Well, it all took place in Hong Kong. Luckily a group of brave young people are fighting back to save Hong Kong from an apocalypse. Check out the trailer, here at Jumi!

Of course the movie trailer isn't real. Too bad, couldn't wait to see the other side of Miffy in a full movie

Source: en.rocketnews24