Sweat Heart spring song by SEENROOT

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I really can't wait for spring to begin. Too tired of darkness, rain and rain and windy rain outside. Luckily this song brought a bit of sunny spring in my home. SEENROOT with Sweet Heart (or 신현희와김루트 - 오빠야).

This music video is soooo sweeeet! It's happy colorful with sweet and funny drawings here and there. It's a little sweet story about the girl who meets a cute guy, a sweatheart. But is he really a sweatheart... uhmm.. How would he respond when she gives him a sweet little present? (I think I would respons (after his reaction) the same as 2:44 haha)

Anyway, bring a little spring into your room with this sweet song. Check out the video, here at Jumi!

Ryota Hayashi's photos or drawings?

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Instagram edited photos hmmkay. But take a very good look, and you'll see that the pic above isn't a photo at all. It's a drawing! Hmm, that makes it more interesting to see more of these 'instagram photos'.

Artist Ryota Hayashi made super realistic drawings of Nakano Ward of Tokyo. He just used some colored pencils and started to draw views of Nakano. It might take a very veeeery long time to make such a masterpiece, or not? Not Hayashi! It takes him about 20 minutes to fill up a B3 (35.3cm in x 50cm) size piece of paper. Whoww. Pretty awesome huh. Click here to see more photos.. uhh I mean drawings of the artist.

Source: en.rocketnews24

Don't give Catneto bad food or else...

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Some cats are so picky when it comes to catfood. Sometimes they just walk away from their food or spit it all out. Or worse they scratch you! Or much more worse, they become Magneto!

OK, you might think: 'Is that bad?' Yes it is! You know what Magneto can do, right? Check out what happenend to the boss of a cat that became Magneto.

Source: geekologie

Owls dancing off their heads on hip hop

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I'm a bit too early to post the music video of the weekend, but I couldn't wait to show you this mv starring owls!

The short mv is sooooo funny. I've watched it for the fourth time and it's  still... funny! Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz captured a curious pair of burrowing owls, showing off their head slide moves on the music of Aquadrop with the song Back and Forth. OK, I know, I know, the video promotes a certain camera.  Forget about that! Just check out the owl Dance-Off.

Source: incrediblethings

Mr Grey becomes jummilicious edible

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OK, hate it or not, but I just have to post about this: Fifty Shades of Cake! Yes, it's true. Rosie Dunner created two life size cakes of Mr. Grey, oeehhh!

Yup, Rosie made these cakes to honor the release of the film. Now the jummy cakes are displayed in Manchester. The first cake is made for younger droolers. Mr Grey wears his suit, holding his tie. But the second one is a 18+ cake. Yup, you can already guess how that cake looks like.

Hm, I looove cake, but the idea to bite a piece out of his.. uhm... arm... I think I'll skip. His arm and other parts might be full of womens drool. Nice idea, this cake, too bad that it's unedible (unless you like drool of someone you don't know). Mr. Grey jummilicious? Uhm, nope, not like this.