Hamster exploring mansion

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Don't we all loooove hamsters. Don't we all wish a hamster can have a happy home? Well, Chicken's boss definitely does. Yup, meet Chicken, the Russian dwarf hamster. She has a tiny biiig mansion all for herself. So cuute. Check out how she explores the mansion.

Dance with Hitchhiker singing ababa

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What would you do if you see a hitchhiker on the streets or standing at the edge of the road. A man in a futuristic silver suit. Suddenly dancing.... Suddenly singing ababa. Go away? Or dance with him? Hm, some might dance if it's Hitchhiker (히치하이커) singing 11(ELEVEN).

Yup JUMI readers. Friday means music. This time a music video with a lot of dancing and ababa. Say what? 'Ababa is like a magic spell' so you'll continuously hear it. If I hear the song too often I think I would really get annoyed. Yet the video is interesting. Here and there you'll see Sims (or well, it looks like it). And it's colorful. Freedom, peace, happiness are the most important messages of the song, even though you'll only hear... yup... ababa.

Hm, I think I'll skip dancing, or let the Hitchhiker get into my car. What would you do?

Jummy chocolate flavoured bathroom

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This might be a heavenly dream for all chocolate lovers and monsters. A bathroom filled with chocolate. And I don't mean little pieces of chocolate here and there. But the entire bathroom! A chocolate toilet (Mr hankey would love that), chocolate bidet, basin and bathtub.

Yup, these are all from Bathroom Sweets. The company found out that when people are googling for 'bathroom suits' there are many who are mispelling it and searching for 'bathroom sweets'. So that's how it all started.

Anyway, the whole bathroom set is made out of Belgian chocolate so it's all edible. Ullgg, I suggest not to free your poop in the chocolate toilet. What a waste, especially when it costs about €17489 (!!) Click here to read more.

Source: trendhunter

Shoot your enemies with tampons

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Some still find it a bit strange to talk about it. Our bloody period of the month. Yet it's just a normal physical thing. Now creators Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser came up with an idea to make the taboo topic more accessible to talk about. It's the Tampon Run!

This is a 8-bit video game where you can shoot enemies with... no of course not with bullets but with tampons! Shoot all the enemies with tampons you've collected without running out before the moon cycle comes to an end. A simple game, but hopefully we will all talk more easily about our annoying bloody periods. Click here to play Tampon Run.

Source: trendhunter

Sali Go Dali Go with Kim Jong Min

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Yes, a new Friday song! This time a happy funky catchy dance song by Kim Jong Min(김종민) who's singing Sali Go Dali Go(살리고 달리고).

The song is about this popstar who used to be so hot in the past, but now.... Sali Go Dali Go!

When I first heard the song, I recognized a bit of PSY's Gangnam Style (before he's singing Sali Go Dali Go). But I don't mind. The video is funny! So pump up the volume and Sali Go Dali Go!

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