Forget Hello Kitty, it's time to wear My Melody shoes

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Hello Kitty sneakers, Hello Kitty creepers, Hello Kitty pumps and Hello Kitty moccasins. OMG, too much Hello Kitty shoes. That's enough! It's time to wear My Melody shoes!

My Melody is turning 40 and for this special occasion Japanese fashion retailer Randa will offer a line of gorgeous pumps, sweet moccasins and cute flats of My Melody!

Don't they all look supercute? I totally love the details on every shoe. The moccasins and pumps have a cute tail at the back. The bottom of the heel of the bijoux pump has the shape of a heart. And the limited edition of the house pump is just gorgeous with its window and My Melody sitting on a chair which is also the heel of the pump. 

The prices vary from 11.900 yen to 19.900 yen (about €87 to €146). 

Nice... But I don't think I would wear the house pump for example (limited item), because it looks too gorgeous to wear. What would you do? Wear it and show it off to the outside world?

Go to this loner restaurant and you won't feel lonely anymore

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I really don't mind going to a restaurant all by myself. In fact, it can be sooo relaxing when you can slurp, burp and smudge your food stains all over your table. Quietly, without anyone bothering you. Hmm, maybe that's what these people thought, when they visited this special Korean restaurant. Buuuut, then something happens...

This video is about a restaurant that bills itself as being just for single diners. So your getting a table in a special one-person dining booth. Yup, a small booth where your surrounded by walls. But what if a wall disappears?

Haha, OMG, just just have to watch the video (with English subtitles!), here at Jumi!

Source: en.rocketnews24

Zombies, don't mess with kitties or else...

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Still one month left. And then the horror begins with zombies and other monsters invading our happy halloween evening. Ieek, save yourself, but don't forget your pets. Your hamsters and your kitties! If you're too late you save your kitty, maybe you can call these heroes.

Heroes? Well, I've found this video about two heroes saving a kitty from a group of zombies. Omg, I thought the kitty wouldn't make it. And then... you just have to check out the video, here at Jumi!

Source: incrediblethings

Rent a guy to wipe your tears

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Imagine this: you're pms'ing and you read a sad story about a hamster left behind by an idiot at the children's farm. Weeehhh. Wouldn't that make you cry? Hm, maybe not if you're at work. But what if your other collegues would cry along? And then your tears would be wiped away by a hottie? Let the tears fall down!

It sounds like a fairytale huh. But now you can actually rent a hottie to wipe your tears! (Or well, if you live in Japan) The fairytale comes true with Ikemeso, the company that rents out the tear-wiping gentlemen.

OK, this is how it works. The company has different types of gentlemen. Just pick your favorite. Choose an intellectual type, sweet dentist type, bad boy type or something else. Don't think they're just random guys. Nope, these guys are licensed in “therapeutic crying”. Uhuh. Anyway, he comes to your workplace. Then you (and your collegues) have to watch a tearjerking video. After the video, the guy will personally wipe your tears (if you want). " It’s believed that seeing everyone together in such a “natural and honest” state will improve communication and lead to better morale overall." 

A session costs 7900 yen (about €58). Hmm, I don't know about this service. Will it really help? Now I imagine a room full of collegues crying and shouting. Not because they're sad, but because they're angry! Fighting because they all want that one hottie to wipe their tears the whole day. Hmm, I would skip and go to bathroom to wipe my tears on my own.

Mr. Bungle sings sweetly Farewell in Spring

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I know, I know, maybe you're thinking 'why the h.. should I watch a music video of a Korean artist, I don't understand a word Korean..' Well, some music videos are really worth to watch. And yes, this time I've found another one by Mr. Bungle 미스터 벙글 with Farewell in Spring 봄의 이별.

OK, if you're pms-ing at the moment, maybe it's not such a good idea to watch the video, because you'll probably cry sooo much that your shirt will get all soggy with tears and snot. The video is sad, yet beautiful. You'll see a dog flying to space. Then suddenly something happens and he's back on earth again. Reunited with his girlie girlfriend...

And I think I'll end this post, before I say too much. You really should watch the video. In the end it's ok if you don't understand Korean, the video says it all.