Perfect dream house? The Hello Kitty house!

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Some people might dream about having a palace of gold or an over the top unnessesary huge villa. And some dream about having a Hello Kitty house! Such as Connie Sim from Singapore.

Yup, the 58-year-old madame looooves Hello Kitty. She started to collect Hello Kitty stuff. And eventually she renovated her house into a Hello Kitty shrine. It only costed her over $1.7 million (whoww!!). But now madame Sim can be with her bestie everywhere, from the kitchen, toilet to bedroom. How adorable. Do you want to have your own Hello Kitty house? I think I would go cuckoo (eventually). Imagine being watched by a mouthless Kitty all the time... Ieeekk!

Jumi eats: speculoos croquette

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Little Jumi totally loooves croquettes. Of course she eats the normal meat croquettes every.....  ahum... But now she found out that a snackbar sells speculoos croquettes. Say what?

Yup, those brown cookies are turned into fried snacks, in a croquette shape of course. Usually you have to eat a croquette with mustard. But this time the mustard has been replaced by whipped cream. Ulgg imagine eating it with mustard...

Anyway, she brought one croquette for me too. I've chosen to eat it without whipped cream. The outside of the croquette is crunchy, but not tooo sweet, so that's good! And the filling... hm first I imagined a filling of diarrhea, with some little hard pieces in it. But luckily it isn't! The filling is more peanutbutter-ish, but with the taste of speculoos. It's a bit spicy, but OK. Unfortunately the croquette isn't totally filled, but maybe that's because the filling is more like a paste. And I expected to find tiny little pieces of speculoos. But no... it's just a paste. That's too bad. Is it worth eating it? It's an OK snack for €1. But if I want to fill my tummy a little bit, I choose to eat a normal croquette or just speculoos cookies. But you should try it!

I've found a short video of the speculoos croquette factory, hehe...

What the... My Fxxxxx?

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No, no, noooo don't think of that! Hm, I didn't know what to think when I saw My Fxxxxx ahum.. the music video of Mood Schula.

Totally loved the MV 'A Walk in November' of JR Groove which I've posted days ago, starring one dancer. And in this video it's all about a dancer too. When the piano slowly starts, he starts to dance (I get that, it's beautiful). But when the music starts to mix together with some hiphop beats I get confused, while the dancer is dancing uhm... interesting.... in some white rooms... Is it possible that he's becoming one with the white rooms, sort of, because of the music? Or is he just soberly drunk? Uhh, what the... While I'm writing this post with my right eye, I'm watching the mv with my other eye (for the 4th time). And I still don't get it. The music totally fits the video: it's confusing! Anyway, you should watch it. Let Jumi know what you think of My Fxxxxx. I like his shoes ^_^

Beardy Hello Kitty shirt, for beardy men

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Nope, I won't give up. Men wearing Hello Kitty stuff is cool! Haven't you seen the cool Hello Kitty shirts for tough guys from JapanLA Clothing? It seems that there's an increase of brands offering Hello Kitty stuff for men. Now I've stumbled upon Cotton Jelly with.... Hello Kitty shirts for men too!

To make Hello Kitty a bit manly she grow her beard on one of the shirts. Say what? Hello Kitty has a beard? Uhm, nope. She pasted a lot of little bows on her chin so that it looks like a beard. Cute huh... uhh I mean Cool huh! The beardshirt costs €37.54. Hmm, maybe a nice gift for your beardy friend?

Btw, Cotton Jelly has many other Hello Kitty shirts for men and women. Check them all out, click here.

Brush your teeth with wasabi toothpaste

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One of the first times I tasted (too much) wasabi (Japanese horseradish), I was having an electrical brainshock that most definitely killed all bad bacterias in my ears, my nose, my mouth, my eyes, everywhere for a moment! Well, I've learned my lessons. Don't use as much as the size of a grape to fully enjoy the taste of wasabi. Unless you use it to brush your teeth!

Say what? Village Vanguard Co. introduced the wasabi-flavored toothpaste. It has the same electrical brainshock flavor feeling as the normal wasabi used for sushi. "The product isn’t recommended for children, since it stimulates the mouth and nasal passage with a pretty intense taste," Mr. Munechika of Village Vanguard said. And it isn't recommended to eat it with your sushi, because it's still a toothpaste.

Hmmokay, so if you're that person who wants to have that extra secure clean feeling of brushing with a paste that kills all bad bacterias while having an electrical brainshock... or well, a killer that kills all bad things in your mouth creating rotten teeth... why not trying wasabi toothpaste? Yuck, I skip...