Wanna try a Submarine Sandwich?

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Start with slices of boxing gloves as a base. Put pieces of football on it. Add a bit of spiciness with some old socks. And to make it more crunchy, use wiggle eye stickers to complete the perfect Submarine Sandwich.

Of course, of course the sandwich isn't part of some sort of experiment. And it's not edible (before you all run to the sandwich store with the name that starts the same as the title of the short video). Submarine Sandwich is a cool stop-motion video by PES. PES transforms familiar objects into something new. Totally love it! Anyway, enough talking, check out the video, here at Jumi!

Source: pesfilm

Helldesk the Movie

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OK, maybe you're one of those unlucky persons who has dealt with a lousy helpdesk of some company. Stayed on the line for 32 minutes, sending 20 emails but never got a response back. Aaarghhh! Even though you might want to hate those people of that lousy helpdesk, they're just people and even these people can become one of those unlucky persons. Just like in.... Helldesk.

The employees of a lousy helpdesk are surprised by a terrible event. Caused by supernatural powers? Only Paul will know the truth, but can he handle it?

Helldesk is a short movie which will be released soon. It's gonna be bloody hellish! And guess what, little Jumi has been asked for a little help during the production of this movie. Real blood has been donated by little Jumi (well, it's not that much). Of course she didn't use her own blood, but from her big bro. Don't worry girls, he only fainted (after little Jumi hit him a bit too hard), so he's still alive. Btw, little Jumi and big bro don't have a role in the movie, so don't expect a cute Jumi movie or cartoon.

At the moment, the movie is still in production, but we will keep you updated. If you want to know more about Helldesk, go to Facebook or Twitter. Or check out the website www.helldeskthemovie.com

Babe, you're hairy!

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Nope, I don't mean the woman on the picture (well, maybe she is hairy, but I'm not focusing on that). But the hairy high heels!

Look closely and you really see hair. The heels, Babe, are made of fleshy-looking silicon gel and covered in pubey black strands of human hair. Ulggg! But, it's not made without a reason.

'Babe' is made by Chinese artist Zhu Tian as a comment on how women's footwear is sexualized and fetishized. Hmm, there are men who will immediately look at you with an ulggg-dirty-mind-look when you wear your pink shiny stilettos. Will they look at you if you wear these pink heels? Well, they might... with an ulggg-dirty-mind-look... but just in another way.

Source: gizmodiva

Ivan Hoo's confusing superrealistic artwork on wood

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What the.... Is this hand trying to poke in that eye with a pencil?? Uhm nope! Even if this hand would poke it, why not? Because it's not real (well, I guess you've guessed it's fake). This pretty realistic piece of artwork is from Singaporean artist Ivan Hoo.

Yup, the artist made several superrealistic drawings on simple boards of wood. He uses colored pencils, pastels and ink. The artist who is self-taught, says he “loves to draw realistic art or artworks that tease the eyes and the brain.” Well, some of the drawings definitely confused me. Very nice! Check out more of his artworks on his facebook.

Source: en.rocketnews24

Does Bulbasaur really exist?

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Who said that the green cute Bulbasaur (Pokémon) isn't real? Well, guess what! Some photos were put online of Bulbasaur! Yup, photos, not drawings!

Is it really Bulbasaur???!! Uhm......

Look closely and you'll see that he isn't. Sorry! This isn't Bulbasaur or one of his relatives. Photographer /u/raKnizek made this picture of a frog with just a regular acorn placed on top of it. Hmm, that's too bad. Not a real Pokémon. But /u/raKnizek said that “this little guy is one acorn away from achieving its dream of being a Pokémon!” How cute, and we will keep on dreaming that we'll see a real Pokémon one day...

Source: rocketnews24