Learn Korean with B1A4's ABC Song

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OMG, I'm still having difficulties learning the Korean language. Even if I'm drooling nonstop while watching k-doramas such as Birth of a Beauty or sing along beautifully (ahum...) with K-pop songs. (And yes, I've tried learning from a book.) So, now I'm searching for other ways. Maybe kids music videos? And yup, I've found one! The ABC Song by by Korean boyband B1A4.

OK, maybe it's not really a kids song. I guess B1A4 fans have played the video a trillion times over and over again. Anyway, the video is cuuuute! Besides the boys of B1A4, the cute characters of LINE (message app such as whatsapp) play a role in the video.

I've watched the video a little bit less than a trillion times, and I still think it's difficult to learn Korean. So if you know easier ways to learn the language, pleaase let me know. 감사합니다

Rest your wrists on bootylicious mousepad

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Ladies, don't we hate it, when we mostly see anime merchandise of typical female characters with big uhm.. bodyparts? Cushions of an anime girl with big balloons. Or with a superhuge buttocks? Bleh! Why not such merchandise for us, ladies? Guess what, I've found one! Bootylicious mousepads with male anime character! Whoehoew!

So ladies, finally we can rest our arms on butts too! And if we have a moment of stressing or burning out, squeeze it! These guys don't mind, eheh... OMG, now I feel like a perv.... Definitely a nice unique mousepad, right?

 Source: en.rocketnews24

Wanna hide your face behind the Lego mask?

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OMG, terrible when you start your day with bad makeup. Your new yellow eyeshadow is terrible and the red lipstick color looks horrible. Iek! OMG, terrible when you start your day with shaving your beard to harsh. You've accidently shaved a piece of skin. Iek! Wouldn't it be nice if you could hide your horrible face behind something? Maybe behind a Lego mask? Say what?

Yup, it really exists! Recently makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench created Lego masks to complete the new high fashion collection of British designers agi & sam for the fall/winter 2015 collection. Agi & Sam comment on their collection, “With a strong emphasis on entirely bespoke print and humour, we believe that fashion should never be taken too seriously. We also endeavour to sit firmly in the middle of brands that fear creating something different and those which push collections too far.”

The Lego beard looks pretty interesting. I don't know how it can be stucked on the faces, but it looks uhm... better than looking horrible right? Would you wear a piece of Lego?

Source: gizmodiva

CSP's scarred comic music video

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Sooo happy that the weekend has started, so it's time for some music! This time not really a happy song, but I totally love the music video of CSP with Scar. The MV is a cartoon that tells the sad story of a girl that has scars left from her childhood. But love was all that she wanted (click here if you want to read a full English translation).

OK, for those who started to become depressed after seeing the MV: don't (!) and enjoy the drawings in the comic anddd... enjoy your weekend!

Cute latte motion will make you stop drinking latte

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I totally looove latte art! Remember Yamamoto's 3D latte art? OK, even if you're a coffee junk, latte art will make you stop drinking coffee. Because it looks toooo cute to drink.

Now the world's first cute latte motion (stop motion animation) has been released by Japanese coffee maker AFG. It's created with 1,000 cups of latte! How cuuuute! Just too cute to drink it all. Enough about the cuteness. Check out the cute video, here at Jumi!

Source: rocketnews24