Happy Halloween!

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We wish all our readers a happy scary creepy Halloween!

This mv from OK Go won't let you down

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OK, we still don't have reached the weekend, where we show you the music video of the week. BUT I just saw this mv and I couldn't wait to show you this. This time a mv of American band OK Go with I Won't Let You Down.

OK, this happy song isn't really my cup of tea, but the music video is sooooo coooool!! The guys of the band drives on a cute little Uni-Cub Beta scooter. OK cool... And you'll see umbrellas, peope holding umbrellas, dancing. OK cool... BUT it has been filmed with a drone flying over the dancing umbrellas. And the result is soooo cool! From 3:36 you'll see different colors coming together creating some kind of computer screen-ish view. Coool!!

OK, enough talking, just check out the video, here at JUMI!

Is this a kiwi or a kiwi?

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I still can't get enough of animal swaps. Say what? Well, elephants with gorillafaces for example. Or a horse who thinks he's a squirrel. Sooo funny! Now artist Sarah DeRemer created funny swaps of animals with fruit and veggies. Fruity funny!

Click here to see more fruitimals or veggiemals

Days like today by 2AM

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Today might be a day to just sit and relax. Think about anything. Think about the past. Maybe wondering about where someone is, what he/she does, if he/she thinks about you. That's what the new song of 2AM is about.

The music video is lovely, relaxing. It follows an old man, wondering, thinking about someone. Because he misses her... how sad. A nice, lovely song for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Click here for an English translation of the song

Starbucks is like art

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You love it or you hate it: Starbucks. Well, I totally looove Starbucks coffee (except the price for a cup). So do some people, that they create the most interesting, weird, gorgeous artwork starring the famous cup with the green lady on it. Korean artist Soo Min Kim is a cup artist specialized in Starbucks cups.

The artist covers parts of the green logo with white paint and redraws something extra on it, to create a whole new interesting cup. For example, in an illustration the green lady is suddenly transformed into Kentucky Fried Coffee character.