Show off your musical talent, play on a catcordion!

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OK, if playing on a piano, keyboard or an accordion is too boring for you. But have the urge to show your musical talent, why not playing on a Catcordion?

Say what? Playing on a cat! OK, I don't mean your own cat, but the special Catcordion made by SERGETHEW. Yup, four cats voluteered to hold a keyboard. For example grumpy cat (for real). Especially for you! Nice!

The cats hold the same keyboard, so don't expect another sound. About the sound, press on a key and you'll hear a typical Catcordion sound. I've said enough, you should try it out. Go to this website to play on the Catcordion.

Source: geekologie

Love my cheap Hello Kitty shoe liners

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Annoying isn't it, go shopping and trying to find something specific. Eventually leaving the store with a pair of socks. Hmm, that often happens when I go to Primark. And I always end up with.... a pair of socks! But this time with lovely Hello Kitty socks (and no, nope, these are not from the kiddy department).

I already have normal Hello Kitty socks, so I was happy to find these shoe liners. A pack of five is € 4,00. Lovely cheap Hello Kitty shoe liners!

Laboum's sweet Sugar Sugar song

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I think we all have those days or weeks that we're craving for something sweet (and nope, I don't mean that particular week of our monthly period). And today I turned a bit into a sweet tooth. How sweet it was to watch this music video while eating a whole bar of chocolate all by myself. Sugar Sugar by Korean girlband Laboum.

Omg, the song is soooo sweeeeet. The video is cute colorful sweet. Even the girls wear colorful sweet clothing. For a moment I thought that one girl has macarons in her hair. Anyway, a cute little doll couple has a sweet role in the video. I want these dolls toooo!

I'm hungry, time to eat another bar of chocolate! Enjoy the video and treat yourself with something sweet too this weekend.

Hello Kitty works together with fashiondesigner Yohji Yamamoto

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It's time for some Hello Kitty fashion news. Guess what! Sanrio is teaming up with fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto! Cooool! Yamamoto's new line is called: Kitty's (how adorable).

Unfortunately I don't know how this line would look like. But, hmm I'm guessing the new line might be interesting for guys too (as I said before, I will never give up saying that there's nothing wrong to wear Hello Kitty, guys). Kitty's will include t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and sweatshirts adorned with Hello Kitty illustrations. And this time Sanrio (or Yamamoto) has chosen to put illustrations of Hello Kitty's friend, My Melody, too. Cool!

Anyway, the new brand will open two stores in Japan this spring. I don't know much more about it, but I'll keep you updated.

Source: stylist

Dry your tears with Hello Kitty tissues

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I was (and still am) sooo sad when I heard that my precious K-drama actor Lee Min Ho has a girlfriend. Noooooooooooooooo! Weeeeeh! Boehoehhh! Dear little Jumi comforted me and gave me a little present, or well a lot of Hello Kitty tissues. Aw how sweet...

Yup, they are back again, to wipe your sad tears (and snot). This time with two new versions. The first package of ten has a 'Hello Kitty into mathematics' theme. The other package has a 'where the Hell is Hello Kitty' theme.

So now I have 20 packages of tissues. Nice! I think I have enough tissues to wipe my tears and snot.

A package of ten costs €0,99 at Dutch store Kruidvat.