Starbucks is like art

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You love it or you hate it: Starbucks. Well, I totally looove Starbucks coffee (except the price for a cup). So do some people, that they create the most interesting, weird, gorgeous artwork starring the famous cup with the green lady on it. Korean artist Soo Min Kim is a cup artist specialized in Starbucks cups.

The artist covers parts of the green logo with white paint and redraws something extra on it, to create a whole new interesting cup. For example, in an illustration the green lady is suddenly transformed into Kentucky Fried Coffee character.

Memorable movies in bricks... uh Lego

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15 Year old Morgan Spence (Scotland) looooves Lego and movies I guess. Because now he has created a video with scenes of famous movies. From Titanic to the Shining. His favorite part is from Singing in the Rain. He loves this scene because it is so recognisable, he said to Dailymail. Pretty awesome. Check out the video, here at JUMI!

Click here if you want to read more about Morgan's project.

Gaeko releases dark beautiful Rose MV

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OK, this week no Fridaysong, but a sad Saturday song. This time it's the song from Dynamic Duo's Gaeko singing Rose.

Gaeko sings Rose very nice with a dark sad edge. It fits definitely with the video. The video for “Rose” is both powerful and disturbing, showing the drastic measures taken by a man who is unable to let go of his lover. *spoiler* She appears dead in the video and he pretends that she's still alive by taking her home, applying nailpolish on her nails, having dinner 'together'... It's like watching a short film. Very nice!

For subtitles click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function

Even in Disneyland they love selfies

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OMG, selfies. Sometimes I see horrible selfies passing through on Instagram. But sometimes I find some interesting ones. And so does Simona Bonafini (Italy). Recently the artist 'spotted' (or well, created) some famous (duh) Disney characters with their own selfies. Check out the hashtags that the characters have used.. and the comments! Funny!

Jumi on tour: Camera Japan 2014

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Yes, this year too we went to filmfestival Camera Japan in Rotterdam. And hm. It looks like we're seeing lesser films each year. Last year we've seen two films. And ahum, you can guess how much films we've seen now: one.

Aarrghhh, yup the filmschedule. It didn't fit with our schedule (yup, taking a day off from work wasn't an option, because this, in the eyes of nagging bosses isn't a 'urgent reason' to take a day off. OK, enough nagging about work). So we've only seen Unforgiven starring Ken Watanabe. This is a remake of Clint Eastwood’s 1992 western. Now it's taking place in Hokkaido in the 1880's. The story is about an ex-samurai who gets hired to revenge the mutilation of a young prostitute. The film is not really my cup of tea, but I don't think it's really bad or whatever. The story is slowly paced, therefore I got bored in the longer scenes, so you shouldn't expect hardcore action. The interesting thing is that the Ainu (native people from Japan) played a small part in the film. Interesting because in 'old movies' I often see the focus on Samurai and geishas. Is it worth watching it? It's OK to watch it at a rainy Sunday afternoon. But if you're already in a nagging mood or tired hm.

The festival (location Rotterdam) is pretty much the same as last year. There was a small market, artwork, performances. The filmschedule didn't fit with our schedule. Too bad. Because the few films (two) we really wanted to see where shown on crappy days during crappy times. So about the offer of films... hm. OK, last year we've seen two films, this year one. Next year zero?